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"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek"


-Joseph Campbell


My research strives to enhance our knowledge of rare and unique taxa, specifically across Annelida and cave Crustacea, inhabiting environments poorly understood and often overlooked, including the subterranean, pelagic zone, deep-sea and interstitium (between sands) - seeking to infer evolutionary processes that drive diversity and adaptation, shape life history strategies and impact biogeographic distributions.

My scientific expertise is on the scale bearing Aphroditiformia (scale worms) - employing comparative taxonomic, genetic and functional biodiversity investigations across one of the most ecologically diverse annelid groups. Scale worms occupy all ecological niches between intertidal and hadal depths, leading to an unparalleled diversity of life modes, morphological adaptations and body and larval forms, yet their evolutionary history and general biology is virtually unknown.

Anchialine fauna

Godzillius robustus

Caves represent extremely isolated discrete island-like ecosystems, serving as models for basic evolutionary and biogeographic processes. Encompassing land-locked water bodies of marine origin, anchialine caves are among the last unexplored frontiers, analogous to the deep sea and inhabited by organisms often derived from deep-sea ancestors. Still a mystery to biologists, crustaceans dominate these habitats, including the iconic Remipedia (imaged), only known from anchialine caves



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Conch Bar Cave, Turks and Caicos Islands

Scientists Brave One of the Darkest Places on Earth



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